We work with individuals and corporations to help people discover their strengths and empower them to embrace the leader within.
We use safe, effective and comprehensive techniques to keep the body in excellent physical condition (for health, not vanity), through engaging activities, such as meditation and self-awareness exercises. This helps to calm, expand and strengthen the mind.


Meet Team Tivis

Jason Tivis

Luxury Lifestyle Design Consultant – Motivational Specialist – Public Speaker

Jason’s Instagram

Jason is a writer, blogger and lifestyle consultant with a background in individual and corporate wellbeing development as well as a multi-certified physical design expert.  He has a passion for reading and learning of new studies and techniques that help people find and enhance themselves.  He is an advocate for mental healthcare and rare disease and has studied psychology and neuro-linguistic programming for over 15 years (as well as an AA in psychology).

As a physical design professional, he has 9 certifications and has taught various forms of group training (including kickboxing, yoga, basic weight training) to corporate clients, woman’s support groups, as well as exclusive individual training.  He helped create the ‘Wellness Program’ and the ‘Wellness Incentive Program’ for large and small corporations as well as churches and women’s support groups.  He has spoken in front of crowds both large and small about the importance of believing in oneself and Precision Planning to achieve ones goals.

He enjoys reading, kickboxing, spending time with his family and learning about history.

His mission is to help people find their path in life and no longer feel stuck, standing still.  Through a system of techniques that teaches self-recognition, precision planning, and elimination of nagging doubts, he hopes to help people find the luxury of joy; and the path to higher ground!


Michelle Tivis,

Luxury Lifestyle Design Consultant

Michelle’s Instagram

She is a mom who understands the importance of finding the balance between having a family, a career and finding your joy in life.  She understands the struggle and the juggle. She loves helping people discover their true potential. Recognizing ones strengths and leadership abilities are key to improve your life.  In additional to being a Lifestyle Design Consultant, she is a Commercial Underwriter, a Mom, Wife, the President of Toastmasters ToastPal, and the Secretary of the local elementary school PTO.

She loves to read and spending time with family, is an advocate for mental health awareness, rare diseases and the LGBTQ community.

She has 4 certifications in Wellness Design and Nutritional Design through NY Strength, an Associates Degree in Business-Marketing through SCC Lincoln, NE, a Credit Business Associate through National Association of Credit Management (NACM), and was the Previous President, Vice President and Secretary through Credit & Financial Development Division Omaha-Lincoln, a division of NACM.