Its not personal; Its energy

By Jason Tivis

Part of living a full life is to be willing to adapt and grow; and when necessary, drop convictions we’ve held, simply for the sake of having convictions!

There were many years I learned “the right way” to lift and put down heavy weights, and in turn, teach others how to do so. Then I learned…I was wrong about a lot of what were decade long “rules” and adapted. My clients were better for it.

I’ve held the belief for most of my life, you MUST do everything that is uncomfortable to you, because that’s how one grows. I was wrong…that’s a possible path to misery and anxiety! •
Yes one must learn to adapt to what’s uncomfortable, but there’s no need to seek it for the sake of hearing false praise of your fortitude.

But the one conviction I need to dismiss, is the conviction that time=relationships, and relationships should be held, simply because a certain amount of time was invested.

Over the past week; many clues, a lot of negative gut feelings, and just meeting more and more wonderful people have led me to the conclusion, I once again need to adapt.

For every plant that blooms, there needs to be dead ends trimmed to keep to rest healthy…this is also true of life-relationship balance. This doesn’t mean the trimmings aren’t useful elsewhere…they just no longer serve the plant well.

Close some doors.

Peace of mind comes when the loose ends of your life are finally wrapped up.

However, there are times where what we perceive as loose ends, are in fact dead ends.

Not every project needs to be completed for completions sake..nor does everyone in your life need to be entertained by your awesomeness

For sometimes…dead ends can emerge in friendly form! Simplify your life sooner rather than later❣

Never underestimate

By Jason Tivis

There have been times where a random message, a simple “I’m thinking of you,” a quick “I love you” have literally saved me from the brink of insanity or the feeling things are falling apart.

I take serious joy in doing the same for those I care about as well, because love just feels right❣

If you don’t have the time for simple acts of love it’s probably time to reassess your reasoning behind your friendship…as well as your priorities in life.

I promise you…the career…the report…the busywork, will still be there 30 seconds to one minute later! The feelings of knowing you matter lasts quite a bit longer❣💕