Part of self-discovery is identifying when you have made a mistake. Have you ever participated in a conversation where someone becomes the topic and some unkind comments were made? Then after you take a step back from the situation, you realize that if someone spoke about you in the same way you would be upset. Keep this in mind before speaking ill against someone: Is it actually true? How would it make you feel if someone said the same to or about you?

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Be the energy you want to attract

By Jason Tivis Once I stopped reacting to certain energies and ‘dramas’ in & around my life…those sources removed themselves or simply disappeared❣ • If you constantly find yourself saying “I don’t want drama!” Yet ‘it’ keeps “finding” you…maybe it’s time to deeply examine the energy you may be putting out there❣ • Initially, our reaction will be “no but…” however; if we really, truly dig…the truth will travel from the subconscious to the surface 💕 •

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