By Jason Tivis I know there’s a lot to be concerned about these days. I know some of you (us) feel like we are in hell, and simply need a way out. • Don’t assume the silent isn’t working loudly behind the scenes, simply because we aren’t screaming. • Don’t confuse kindness with weakness, for kindness has a patience that can outlast the haste of evil. • Do not assume the loudest, are the most informed. If they were, the message would reach your ears without the need for volume.

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By Jason Tivis It’s been posted before, but its truth is power…so why not repeat? ? • It’s so easy to get swept up in the negativity, especially with the help of social media. • It’s ok to be a #loving #caring person who genuinely wants to #unite the world. • It’s ok to not be concerned about what the faceless will say about you! • That takes courage?

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Compliment people

By Jason Tivis You never know who needs it…and there’s nothing wrong with being kind • If you find beauty in someone, tell them. If they make you feel good about yourself, tell them • You may change someone’s whole world with a few true kind words!

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