Creating and setting new trends for a better you

By Jason Tivis “There is a nagging fear that America’s decline is inevitable and that the next generation must lower their sights.” –Tony Robbins In today’s society, I’m noticing more and more the negative way people are thinking. I’m not just talking about gas prices, or the economy, or even the two wars our country is in. I’m talking about the general way in which we as a society think. It’s almost as if pessimistic attitudes have become a birthright, and people compete to see who has it worse! This is called ‘stinkin thinkin’ and it is killing more and …

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Self Help

By Jason Tivis Self help can only go as far as you allow yourself to go with it.  Think of it as the bank.  If you make a large deposit, you’ll earn interest over time as you keep investing (in other words, get a return on your investment), but if you do nothing but withdraw, you’re going to end up with a negative balance and a skewed image of whose fault it really is…here’s a hint…not the banks.  

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