Be the energy you want to attract

By Jason Tivis

Once I stopped reacting to certain energies and ‘dramas’ in & around my life…those sources removed themselves or simply disappeared❣

If you constantly find yourself saying “I don’t want drama!” Yet ‘it’ keeps “finding” you…maybe it’s time to deeply examine the energy you may be putting out there❣

Initially, our reaction will be “no but…” however; if we really, truly dig…the truth will travel from the subconscious to the surface 💕

Never underestimate

By Jason Tivis

There have been times where a random message, a simple “I’m thinking of you,” a quick “I love you” have literally saved me from the brink of insanity or the feeling things are falling apart.

I take serious joy in doing the same for those I care about as well, because love just feels right❣

If you don’t have the time for simple acts of love it’s probably time to reassess your reasoning behind your friendship…as well as your priorities in life.

I promise you…the career…the report…the busywork, will still be there 30 seconds to one minute later! The feelings of knowing you matter lasts quite a bit longer❣💕


By Jason Tivis

I know there’s a lot to be concerned about these days. I know some of you (us) feel like we are in hell, and simply need a way out.

Don’t assume the silent isn’t working loudly behind the scenes, simply because we aren’t screaming.

Don’t confuse kindness with weakness, for kindness has a patience that can outlast the haste of evil.

Do not assume the loudest, are the most informed. If they were, the message would reach your ears without the need for volume.