By Jason Tivis

I know there’s a lot to be concerned about these days. I know some of you (us) feel like we are in hell, and simply need a way out.

Don’t assume the silent isn’t working loudly behind the scenes, simply because we aren’t screaming.

Don’t confuse kindness with weakness, for kindness has a patience that can outlast the haste of evil.

Do not assume the loudest, are the most informed. If they were, the message would reach your ears without the need for volume.

Self Help

By Jason Tivis

Self help can only go as far as you allow yourself to go with it. 

Think of it as the bank. 

If you make a large deposit, you’ll earn interest over time as you keep investing (in other words, get a return on your investment), but if you do nothing but withdraw, you’re going to end up with a negative balance and a skewed image of whose fault it really is…here’s a hint…not the banks.